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Curriculum is the backbone of what is taught.

Instruction is the how the curriculum is taught.

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2021-2022 Mineral County Assessment Calendar

Measures of Academic Process

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(MAPS) Testing Information

Mineral County School District contracts for students to take the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) tests three times each year. These tests measure students learning based on the Nevada State Standards. Students will be taking the first tests from Tuesday, September 2nd – Friday, Sept. 12th.

The purposes for taking these tests are to identify if students are on target to pass the Spring CRTs and to identify what math, writing, and or language usage content they may be lacking so teachers can better focus instruction.  This instruction may need to be for remediation, intervention or enrichment.

The MAP Tests are computer-based assessments. Each test question is associated with a difficulty range related to the abilities of each test taker. The level of the question a student takes is determined by his/her performance on each question rather than simply by grade level. This way the results can be used to show growth for each student regardless of his/her starting point.

Students receive a RIT score for each test. The score indicates a current learning level for the student. There are three tables which identify what the RIT scores should be in the three content areas for each of the three testing windows. Student progress is considered “on target” if they meet or exceed these RIT scores at the benchmark years for each grade level.  Parents may receive a copy of their child(ren)’s MAP scores once the schools receive them.

The information above is taken from a brochure published by the Western Nevada Regional Training Program (WNRTP) and you can obtain a copy in each school office or from the link below. 

Measures of Academic Process Information

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